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About Chiang Mai Kayaking

Kayaking in Chiang Mai in different rivers of the city such as the Ping river and Mae Taeng river, is one of the major attractions amongst all travellers. You do not need to have any prior experience for kayaking and you can even participate in this amazing activity if you can swim. In fact, you can make your first ever kayaking experience memorable and full of adventure by choosing the Chiang Mai Kayaking tours.

You can explore the jungles and the various unexplored areas of these jungles that are inaccessible from the ground. The jungles here are very silent and might give you the peace your mind needs while kayaking. There are various options of Chiang Mai kayaking tours that you can choose according to your schedule and interests. These options involve Ping River Night Kayaking Trip, Chiang Dao and Caving and Kayaking, Whitewater Kayaking on the Mae Taeng River.

Why Book Chiang Mai Kayaking Tour?

  • Be thrilled by kayaking in the Ping river after being trained by the experts in this field.
  • You get a chance to pass through the unexplored areas of the jungles of Chiang Mai.
  • You do not need any prior experience in kayaking to participate in this activity.
  • The jungles you pass through are quite peaceful and therefore kayaking through them can give you the positive energy you need.
  • Have a look at the indegineous life of people living in the villages at both sides of the Ping river.
  • The trip also includes lunch for you which you can have after having the adrenaline rush from kayaking.
  • You must get tickets for this tour as it also provides you with the safety equipment such as the helmet, gear, etc.
  • Enjoy your ride from the hotel as the trip also offers you pickup and drop off from your stay.

Available Chiang Mai Kayaking Tours

In the beautiful city of Chiang Mai, kayaking is a popular adventure activity because of the unique experience it provides of going to the unexplored territory of the city. The rivers provide the visitors with several chances for kayaking through jungles, as well as natural sightseeing. You can also take many mountain bike trips with tracks winding through national parks and hills, combining a taste of nature with a taste of adventure with these Chiang Mai Kayak Tours.

Chiang Mai: Ping River Night Kayaking Trip

Chiang Mai Night Kayaking is a 2-hour, 6-kilometre quiet kayaking trip in Chiang Mai. You can kayak over the night sky, music, holiday lights, and, of course, the iconic bridge. The trip allows you to chill and glance at the sights. Above all, this kayak tour will provide you with a one-of-a-kind and fun approach to seeing Chiang Mai's riverside life.

From your kayak, you can see the spectacular unfolding night sky and enjoy the light display of Chiang Mai. Moreover, This chiang mai kayaking tours allows you to observe the colourfully listed Clubs and Restaurants along the river banks. Listen to echoing music as you travel through well-decorated fascinating bridges. It's stunning as you paddle peacefully, seeing Chiang Mai from a fresh perspective.

Chiang Mai: Full-Day Chiang Dao Caving & Jungle Kayaking

On an action-packed full-day tour from Chiang Mai, you can see the natural treasures of the Chiang Dao Valley. You may kayak down towards the Mae Ping River, then head underground to discover the Buddhist temples of Chiang Dao Cave.

Next, you can do Chiang Dao caving, and forest excursion from Chiang Mai. In the Jungles of Chiang Dao, you may look for parakeets, kingfishers, and birds of paradise. Moreover, at a riverbank eatery, have a delectable Thai meal. You must explore the Chiang Dao Cave Complex's Buddhist monasteries and bat caverns. Lastly, the tour is quite affordable because it covers hotel pickup, lunch, and all activities.

From Chiang Mai: Mae Taeng Forest Full-Day River Kayaking

When you get to the Mae Ping River, your guide will give you paddling instructions in your double or single kayak. After a bit of practice, you will get ready to begin your river experience. As you float happily along the Mae Taeng Forest, enjoy the lack of contemporary civilization. Observe the various activities such as a fisherman putting a net into the Mae Ping or a farmer herding water buffaloes during this tour. You can also look around for native and migrant birds that flourish in this protected area. Enjoy the delicious lunch on the shore of the river before kayaking to your end stop in the Mae Taeng Forest Reserve, which is shaded by overhanging trees canopy.

From Chiang Mai: Chiang Dao Valley Kayaking

Enjoy the Ping River while admiring the breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. Upon arrival, equip yourself with the provided kayak equipment and receive introductory instructions about how to operate the boat on the water from a professional. After that, paddle through the valley on the clear spring waters and pick up a few new skills as you are greeted by stunning views at almost every river bend. Enjoy the slow pace of life as you observe locals using the riverside land for farming and fishing as a source of income. After Chiang Mai returns, be dropped off at your hotel.

From Chiang Mai: Bike and Kayak Tour

You can take a trip to this dynamic city in Northern Thailand, noted for its gorgeous old temples, the mountainous terrain around the city, natural attractions, and tribal villages. Come and go for a Chiang Mai Bike Tour to see all of the beautiful things this city has to offer. You can discover why this city should be on every Thailand itinerary.

At the time of your visit, you will want to see as much as possible, and a tour on the bike is an ideal way to do so while also saving time. Visit a local market and bakery, visit an old temple and ruins, and explore the city with a local guide in 3-4 hours. Learn everything you can about the city's rich culture and history.

Whitewater Kayaking On The Mae Taeng River Full Day Tour Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, Thailand, offers visitors whitewater kayaking and rafting adventures. On the Mae Taeng River, learn basic, intermediate, and expert kayaking techniques. Whitewater kayaking is comparatively a new activity in Thailand, but it is rapidly gaining favour in the Western world.

Northern Thailand is a fantastic destination for whitewater kayaking tours and instruction. Several whitewater kayaking activities will provide you with multi-dimensional training and experience. Enjoy stunning Chiang Mai's nature; magnificent hills, green valleys, and exotic fauna.

When the rainy season begins, furious rivers erupt from this region's tropical highlands, giving some fantastic whitewater to be paddled. From the homestay and private camp on the Mae Taeng River, we provide daily whitewater Chiang Mai Kayaking experiences as well as a kayaking school.

Chiang Mai Kayaking FAQs

What makes kayaking such a popular activity in Chiang Mai?

The adventure of exploring remote areas while navigating a kayak or canoe is thrilling. Adding on, Thailand has both sea kayaking and island kayaking options. Still waters, such as reservoirs and dams, also provide exciting adventure. Moreover, you get to meet knowledgeable locals who know the area like the back of their hand.

What is the best time to do Kayaking in Chiang Mai?

October to April is considered the best time to go kayaking in Chiang Mai because of the winters. During winters, there are no water currents. However, the activity will continue during light rains as well.

Do we need to book in advance for the Chiang Mai Kayaking Tours?

Yes, you should book in advance tickets to the Chiang Mai Kayaking Tours. When travelling, make the most of each moment. Save time and money by booking ahead of time. You can cancel up to 24 hours before your event.

Do we get a discount while booking the Chiang Mai Kayaking Tours online?

Yes, on availing of online booking options, you get multiple discounts on Chiang Mai Kayaking tours. You can visit our website for booking your Chiang Mai trip tickets at the best-discounted price.

Can I Book Chiang Mai Kayaking Tours online?

Yes, you can book your Chiang Mai Kayaking Tours online. Choose from the range of packages; your preferred tour, and get your e-tickets in your inbox right at the moment.

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