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About Tube Trek Water Park

Tube Trek Water Park is the perfect place for thrill-seekers and people who are crazy about water activities. Trek Water Park is a well-liked water destination that unquestionably provides a welcome break from the city’s sweltering heat. Your tube trek Water Park ticket gives you entry to the astonishing water adventure all throughout your tour.

It has a huge lake that generates artificial waves, which gives you a beach feel, and it is located in San Kamphaeng County, which is only a 7-hour drive from the hustle and bustle of Thailand. Visiting all four zones, which are available within the park, gives you a large number of activities to enjoy. Furthermore, the park has a huge river canal where one can just ride on a water tube and float away.

With admission to a tube trek water park, you may enjoy four thrilling attractions such as the kid’s pool phase, splash pool phase, wave pool phase, and lazy river phase. There are many local foods too, as this place also hosts many famous food chains. If you have been looking for a variety of thrilling activities to choose from, a trip to Tube Trek Water Park can never be boring. The park has many shops, games, and restaurants.

Why To Book Tube Trek Water Park Tickets Online?

When you book your tube trek water park tickets online, you can easily select the date and time of your visit. Also, if you purchase your experience in advance online, your selected booking date will be guaranteed. Booking online is likely to be the most cost-effective option because you may take advantage of a wider variety of discounts and deals, in addition to getting the best price available at all times.

  • Visit Chiang Mai’s first water park, with many slides and rides as it is a world famous waterpark.

  • Get access to slide , splash and swim in a day while exploring all four zones of the park

  • Enjoy the artificial beach waves and have once a lifetime experience

  • Park has a huge river waterway where you can float in the water and enjoy

  • There are many rides and slides which you can experience.

  • This tube trek water park has many shops, a game area and a restaurant as well where you can feed hunger.

There are 4 zones, including 13 rides:

  • Kids pool phase

  • Splash pool phase

  • Wave pool phase

  • Lazy river phase

Note The tornado is the most iconic water slide in the world

  • The bommerango capsule

  • The giant slider

  • The wavy sea and many more

Zones In Tube Trek Water Park

Kids Pool Phase

In the kids' pool phase, there are multiple water slides based on cartoon themes. Kids are fascinated by watching those slides. This phase is continuously monitored by lifeguards so as to avoid any mishaps, and it is only 1 to 2 feet deep. There they kept coloured water tubes and fancy life vests.

The kid’s pool phase is equipped with a sound system so that children can dance and enjoy in the water, having a wonderful time. In the kids' pool phase, children bubble with excitement and enthusiasm in their colourful swimsuits, jump in water, splash water and play with each other.

Splash Pool Phase

A splash pool is primarily designed and operated to receive bathers from the water side, and it is 6 to 10 feet wide and 10 to 22 feet long The lower end of the water slides are connected to splash pool, as soon as slider comes down it creates a huge splash around the pool.There is a facility of a life ring, a life vest, and a slider board along with 20 trained lifeguards.

Wave Pool Phase

The wave pool phase is a swimming pool in which there are artificially generated, reasonably large waves; similar to the ocean, hence it gives a beach feel. The wave pool phase is a major feature of this tube trek water park. Waves can reach 2.4 metres in height, which is a thrilling experience for visitors. A slider board and 15 trained lifeguards are available for your safety, and there are specific timings for the wave pool phase.

Lazy River Phase

A lazy river phase is a shallow pool, usually 2.5 feet to 3.5 feet, that has a slow water current. It flows similarly to a river, and provides a relaxing and soothing way for guests to gently, slowly ride along while lying on rafts. Both kids and adults can have fun there as it's an astounding experience enjoying all the iconic rides which are world famous.

All the rides are under the care of skilled operators and there will be lifeguards who can rescue people who are in difficulty in the water. Those lifeguards have passed their course from Italy so there are proper and better safety tools as compared to other water parks.

Essential Information

Location: Chang Wat, Chiang Mai, Thailand 50130

Timings: Tube Trek water park ticket entry ticket timings are 11:00AM to 6:00PM Saturday through Sunday

Best Time To Visit:

The best time to visit Chiang Mai Water Park is during the dry season from November to May. In addition to being devoid of any rainfall, the water parks are also in full operation during these months. Additionally, the best time to explore the water parks is around 10:00 am, as soon as they open. This is when there are fewer crowds in the water parks and you can enjoy exploring at your own pace.

How To Reach

By Bus: you can take these transit buses to reach your destination easily: CH-SKP & S-K-P.

By Taxi: you can book a private cab to reach the destination in 28 minutes as it is approximately 19.5km away from the city centre.

Tube Trek Water Park Ticket FAQs

Will I get a discount on booking Tube Trek Water Park tickets online?

Yes, people do get up to 40-50% discount and some percentage of cash back on early booking of Tube Trek Water Park tickets, whereas the full amount of refund is available before the tour date up to 24 hours. Booking Tube Trek Water Park tickets through online platforms allows you to get all the benefits like reserving now and paying later, instant confirmation, price match guarantee, and free cancellation.

Do we need to book in advance for Tube Trek Water Park tickets?

Yes, advance booking of tube trek water park tickets gives you guarantee to entry into park as per your suitable date otherwise if you go for on the spot booking there are some chances that you could not get ticket due to high Rush and advance bookings.To skip the hassle, passengers are advised to book tickets in advance.

Do we have to buy separate Tube Trek Water Park tickets for Kids?

Yes, we need to buy separate tube trek water park tickets for children. Children’s tickets should be taken for those who are between 90-140 cm in height and up to 40 kg in weight. Whereas for children under 90 cm there are no entrance fees.

What is the best ride in Tube Trek Water Park?

The best ride in tube trek Water Park is the giant spiral ride. It gives you a thrilling experience wherein you are thrown into a huge bowl-like structure, and after going on in a spiral motion, you usually go inside the pool with twists and turns.

This slide is a Body Slide and has a double loop. This slide can be used by people of all ages.Everything has a place of its own at the Tube trek water park, one of the pinnacles in the Chiang Mai water park.

What is the opening time for Tube Trek Water Park?

The opening time for Tube trek water park is generally Monday–Friday 10:00AM to 6:00PM, Saturday–Sunday 10:00AM to 7:00PM.

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